What are the casting principles for the casting of lost foam machine tools?

Time: 2019-10-29 Hit:874

Many machine tool castings now use lost-foam casting because it is short and fast, saves time, and saves a lot of money for wood-type metal types, especially in the case of a small number. What are the principles of casting process for lost foam castings? First, to ensure the quality of castings, according to the process and characteristics of the lost foam casting process, the process plan should first ensure the casting molding and reduce various casting defects to ensure the quality of castings. Second, consider the economic benefits, process design considers the finished products of the bed castings. Rate, how to achieve reasonable batch manufacturing to improve productivity and reduce costs; Third, we must consider the convenience of manual operation, reduce labor intensity and environmental protection, only in this way, workers’ efficiency is improved, casting costs are reduced, and market competitiveness is achieved.