The projects we engaged

Thanks for our experienced engineer & production team, canonical organization and management, and the support of our customers, over the decade we are happly to see Rayforce steady progress in marking explore. We understand, each casting part we delivered representes our commitments of quality and reliability. In the field such as metal smelting, TIMAH the no.2 tin producer of the world is using Rayforce supplied casting part for their smelting process. Our product proofed to be able to stand the working condition (700°c, over weeks continuous use 24 hous per day).

In the future, Rayforce will keep invest in advanced production & test equipment, introduce new casting technology, and most importantly absorb talented personel so that propel Rayforce going forward.

Here are some of projects we were engaged before: *Fula & Jake oilfield, South Suda. Patro China *Bangka, Indonesia. tin refining factory of TIMAH *Guangzhou, China. GIS shipyard